Post-Partum Blues – Why Is The New Mother Blue?

Post-partum blues is common among mothers who just gave birth. The first explanation is a physical one: a sudden drop of hormones creates an imbalance and a feeling of sadness. Many ways to cope with this destabilizing feeling is to acknowledge it and cope with it. The first easy way is to get out and gather with friends. It is a proven scientific fact that women who have a good support group will do better and will experience lesser if any post-partum blues.

The other important factor in experiencing the post-partum blues or depression is caused by the lack of light. Forcing oneself to get out at least once a day even if it’s only for a short period can greatly reduce the feeling of blues or depression.

Real post-partum depression marked by a lack of enthusiasm and energy should require a consultation with the proper medical and psychological care. After all, such a case as post-partum psychosis where the woman who just gave birth experiences complete psychosis is not unheard of. Those severe cases require immediate consultation with the proper experienced caregivers.

Post-partum blues and depression can also be caused by an unconscious factor which is the grief of the carrying life. Hence, although the woman was experiencing all kinds of discomfort and was looking forward to the birth and getting relieved from the burden of carrying life, she might at the same time feel the emptiness of not having this amazing capacity.

How do we help a mother who just gave birth in avoiding or minimizing post-partum blues or depression? The simple thing is to be there for them and attend to their needs. Another very important thing they need is rejuvenating and comforting sleep knowing that their baby is in good hands. Be careful as when you offer your support, help and love to a post-partum woman, she might burst in tears from being touched by such a delicate attention. In any way, post-partum blues tend to get better with time as the baby starts to sleep through the night.

If a woman who just gave birth, on the other hand, seams to be losing any interest in her baby and life in general, professional help should be seek-out.

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